Pinniger Finch & Co

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the term used for resolving civil disputes through the courts. These days, the courts expect parties to consider all options to resolve disputes and so regard court action as the last resort.

We will attempt to resolve your dispute by following the appropriate pre-action protocol, and if that does not resolve the matter, we will make your claim (or put in your defence) in court  proceedings. If the matter goes to trial, although many do not reach that stage, we will engage on your behalf the appropriate barrister to present your case in court. 

We handle a variety of disputes for individuals and businesses, including:

  • contractual disputes
  • professional negligence claims, including against financial advisers
  • consumer claims
  • debt recovery and insolvency
  • landlord and tenant disputes

One of our areas of specialism is Debt Recovery.

To instruct us to recover money that you are owed, complete our debt instruction form and e-mail to our litigation section:

Our fees for debt collection are based on fixed fees for undefended matters and hourly rates for defended matters.  To request an estimate of our debt collection fees, send an e-mail, stating the amount being claimed, to

Otherwise to discuss any of the above please contact Bill White or Nicki Brooks